Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So we went to Lindy Shock..

Here's the link to some pictures from Budapest, Hungary. It hasn't got much lindy stuff, because there wasn't much time taking pictures while dancing! To be honest, it was my and Auste's second major European camp (don't mean to exclude UK, but UK is slightly different in terms of people attending). Europeans are just crazy hungry-for-dancing restless animals when it comes to lindy..

Only during the last party of the camp I realised that I can actually lead! And received invitations to dance with more and more girls.. It was probably because I felt so good and I was so hyped and energetic. Even though I was on full alert until 4 AM, we weren't the last ones to leave.

And that's how Jack & Jill finals looked like (video was not filmed by us)

J&J Finals