Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lindy Hop. Harry Potter.

Think back..
Your life was missing something and you didn't know what.
You started going to your local lindy classes once a week and you were happy with it.

You had your first performance with your friends and became quite comfortable at social dancing.
You enjoy that you're learning something that makes you feel good, and it looks nice.

The first lindy camp was amazing! But after the first few camps you get quite picky which one to go to.
You need to start saving as soon as you come back from one.
And you notice how gradually you started swapping your mates for youtube. There's the new ILHC video..

Workshops, performances, socials, private lessons, camps, exchanges. You didn't think there were that many things, did you?

Considering that there exist knitting or mushroom clubs - it seems relatively normal.

It brings some kind of magic to your life however - you daydream more, you dance in your sleep (especially after a camp), you make plans, you keep busy, you create and live life, occasional Suzy-Q at the bus stop if no one's around..

Since you got used to it, it seems a hobby which is not anymore a hobby, but more like your lifestyle.
It's like being a vegetarian. It's a lifestyle.

But 'normal' people may not understand that. You have to be either a jazz-fan or a vintage lover to find out
how to get to Hogwarts. Harry Potter used to live with a normal family (if you can call it normal) and he and the crew used to take the train to school. But there are only certain people that can get onto it.
It's exactly the same in real life.

You go to work, you study, but around weekend time you have some lindy plans and it's just not enough.
It's impossible to describe it to your non-dancing friends. Yes we all have them, and the list is getting shorter..

Don't be afraid to do some jazz steps while you're walking home - 'normal' people may think you're crazy-
but they'll never understand.. Magic.